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2660 Willamette Dr. NE
Lacey, WA 98516

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The Aloecorp Inc. corporate headquarters, located in Lacey, Washington, is adjacent to a multitude of scientific resources available in the Washington area. Aloecorp's facilities in South Texas are the high-tech showcase of the Aloe vera industry. These facilities function as central locations for research and processing of the tender Aloe leaves. Here, Aloe vera gels and whole leaf are processed each year into thirteen different forms under strict quality control. Nature and technology work hand-in-hand at Aloecorp. Our farming operation spans three countries with thousands of acres of Aloe fields, totaling over nine million plants. This assures that we have a stable, year-round supply of freeze-free product so that you can be certain of receiving a continuous supply of the world's purest, biologically active Aloe. We conduct extensive scientific research and are affiliated with several educational institutions worldwide.
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